Setting the Standard for Enterprise Blockchain Solutions

Rubix is an industry leading blockchain application development team, focusing on interoperability, scalability, performance and security. Rubix supports developers in creating and deploying decentralized applications that are customized for unique industry and business needs.

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Our Offering: Technology Development and Advisory

We work collaboratively with our clients to design, develop, and test Đapps.
To address the unique requirements of developing enterprise blockchain applications, we run a lab environment that's ideal for rapid prototyping.
We're focused on solving unique business challenges across use cases, using the right blockchain technology platforms or infrastructures, will the goal of getting our clients out of the lab and into production.

Built on the Right Infrastructure

The Rubix team has experience building across technology stacks, with a deep expertise in Ethereum compliant infrastructure. We are closely aligned with the open source Ethereum and Blockchain communities, continually scanning the environment to make the best choices for our clients.

Out of the Lab and Into Production

Our team supports a wide range of use cases, emphasizing enterprise performance, integration, and security requirements. Together, we embark on a journey - beyond a proof of concept and out of the lab.

enterprise integration, block time, consensus algorithm, permissions layer, security mechanism
performance time clock execution

Enterprise Performance

We select the appropriate infrastructure based on best-in-class transaction performance and data capacity to meet enterprise requirements.

integration plug in

Enterprise Integration

We design and build applications that can be easily integrated with a wide array of legacy systems used in enterprise environments.

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Enterprise Security

We build with security as a core part of any application, while considering regulatory requirements.

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