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Rubix is an industry leading blockchain infrastructure, focusing on interoperability, scalability, performance and security. Rubix is specifically designed to allow developers to create and deploy decentralized applications in a full-stack blockchain environment customizable for unique industry and business needs.

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Our Offer: Rubix Core

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To address the unique requirements of an enterprise blockchain system, we’ve built Rubix Core, a lab-in-a-box solution ideal for rapid prototyping.

Rubix Core enables you to seamlessly engage with the blockchain environment and allows you to quickly get your hands dirty designing, developing, and testing Đapps.

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Built on Ethereum

Rubix is developed with close ties to the Ethereum Foundation. Our platform leverages the open source Ethereum protocol, adding enterprise-centric functionality. Our engineering team actively contributes to the open source Ethereum project, and are part of the core development team

What's in the Box

Rubix Core includes all of the tools you need to run your own enterprise blockchain, including the development and deployment of smart contracts


View your blockchain network statistics in an intuitive interface

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Block Explorer

Search your blockchain to view individual blocks, transactions, and addresses

block explorer search transactions, addresses, blocks

Node Monitor

Oversee nodes connected to your blockchain network at any given moment

node monitor track members view statistics

Contract IDE

Write smart contracts in your browser, and deploy them to your blockchain

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"Rubix is to Blockchain what AWS is to infrastructure. We can build Blockchain based apps more rapidly on Rubix because its Blockchain as a Service API allows us to focus on user experience and business domain."

Inbae Ahn
Managing Partner, AdelphaTech Software Inc

Out of the Lab and Into Production

Rubix is scalable to production level environments, emphasizing enterprise performance, integration, and security requirements. The platform supports a wide range of use cases, and is customizable to the unique characteristics of various businesses. Rubix facilitates your journey beyond a proof of concept and out of the lab.

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Enterprise Performance

Rubix offers unparalleled transaction performance and data capacity equipped to handle demanding enterprise requirements

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Enterprise Integration

Rubix is designed and built to be easily integrated with a wide array of legacy systems used in enterprise environments

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Enterprise Security

Rubix is built with security as a core part of the platform and allows you to manage access control and data privacy while adhering to regulatory requirements

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