Meet our Team

Born in Canada, operating worldwide, the Rubix team was founded in Toronto in 2014. Set to bring start-up speed and enterprise reliability to the nascent blockchain market, Rubix bridges the gap between the exponentially innovative nature of blockchain technology and the complexity of existing enterprise system environments.

Our Core Values

Move fast and move smart

We work fast and smart to produce an MVP of a blockchain application to iterate until perfection. Our current record for fastest MVP build is 36 hours.

Don't blockchainify everything

Although we're passionate about the power of blockchain, we're also firm believers that not everything should or needs to be on the blockchain. When approached with an opportunity to create a blockchain solution for a problem, we take a step back and ask ourselves: is this a job for blockchain or could the solution be something else?

Where there's a will, there's a way

Due to the nature of our work, the potential obstacles are plentiful: regulatory uncertainty, internal controls and resistance to change all comes with the territory. We're an extremely passionate group that believes in the power of blockchain technology so we push through the hurdles of today to reach the results that will bring a better, more efficient, tomorrow.

Always be learning

Lunchtime debates and an office library are two ways we strive to continue learning and challenge each other. But when it comes to the blockchain industry, you can't stop learning. We always keep tabs on the industry-- from the most recent ICO to the newest infrastructure platform, we're on top of what's happening.

Core Team

Tech Lead
Strat/ Business Ops.
Blockchain Developer
Blockchain Developer

Advisory Board

Jas Jaaj

Jas is the National Service Line Leader of Deloitte's Analytics + Blockchain + Information Management practice and is a Partner in Deloitte's Technology Consulting practice in Toronto, Canada.

Terry Stuart

Terry is Deloitte Canada’s Chief Innovation Officer, a core member of the firm’s Global Innovation Network and a Partner with the Canadian Financial services consulting practice.

Bruce Laco

Bruce is responsible for Deloitte’s Technology practice in Canada. He is also a lead client service partner and an engagement partner for some of Deloitte’s largest technology transformation clients.

Michael Tang

Michael is a Partner at Deloitte Canada and leads Deloitte’s Global Financial Services Digital Transformation & Innovation practice.

Eric Piscini

Eric is a Principal in Deloitte's US practice and leads the Deloitte global cryptocurrency center serving financial institutions and retailers.

Darren Nippard

Darren is the Consulting Regional Service Leader for Toronto and Partner at Deloitte Canada. His experience includes large scale outsourcing delivery projects as well as cross industry Consulting sales and delivery exposure in Canada, the United States and the UK.