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Hispanotech: Blockchain 2017 Challenges and Opportunities

Panel session of Hispanotech's Blockchain event in Toronto on March 23, 2017

Deloitte launches bitcoin payment option in Toronto Office

After being the first of the Big 4 consultancy firms to install a Bitcoin ATM (“BTM”) in their offices, Deloitte Canada has announced that it is now accepting bitcoin at Bistro 1858, the Toronto office’s internal restaurant.

Video: The Method in the Blockchain Madness

Iliana Oris Valiente presents at the MaRS Discovery District

Deloitte blockchain assessment project explores protocols for providing assurance

The Deloitte team applied existing guidance from attestation standards to the permissioned blockchain application to understand the options and challenges for this project. They also developed procedures that are specific to the nuances of a blockchain product. The procedures developed, and assurance options explored, could benefit blockchain principals, preparers and users of financial statements, as well as auditors.

OSC hosts its first “hackathon”

The regulator pulled out all the stops to engage a wide range of contestants from the developer community, ranging from high-school students to a team from Deloitte

Regulating ICOs: Striking a Balance in 2017

How blockchain technology is impacting venture capital – and why that brings both cause for excitement and pause heading into 2017.

Blockchain Technology is King at the OSC'S First Fintech Hackathon

In the first hackathon in Canada by a securities regulator, 29 groups took the stage this weekend after a grueling day-and-a-half-long RegHackTO, hosted by the Ontario Securities Commission, to present their innovations.

'Big Four' Accounting Firm Deloitte is Now Running a Bitcoin ATM

'Big Four' accounting firm Deloitte is now the owner and operator of its first bitcoin ATM.

Why Big Bank Consultants Were Watching Ethereum's Hard Fork

The impact of the recent ethereum hard fork is extending far beyond message boards and forums, serving as a learning lesson even for firms actively engaged in building private blockchains.

Rubix by Deloitte on Blockchain Use Cases for the Pharmaceutical Supply Chain

For her presentation, Oris Valiente focused on blockchain in the healthcare space; particularly on the supply chain of pharmaceutical drugs.

Deloitte Spins-Out Part of Rubix Team to Focus on Blockchain Application Development

Deloitte announced this week that they have spun-out the infrastructure component of their Rubix offering, to sit outside of the firm, in order to scale and grow faster as a leader in blockchain application development, integration, and advisory services.

CoinDesk Releases 'Trade Finance and Supply Chains' Report

Insight into how two of the world's largest companies – Deloitte and IBM – are leveraging blockchain today

3 Companies Leading the Blockchain as a Service Revolution

Rubix’s customized blockchain architecture is designed to be a fully functional private network that can be managed and administered for an organization’s needs...